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Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement follows up on property complaints.  Often times rubbish, garbage, misuse of waste or recycling containers are neighborhood nuisances. These types of complaints are called in to the code enforcement staff. After field verification that the situation is supported as a nuisance in the city code, a warning is sent to the property owner. If remediation is not addressed within a window of time, follow up measures including fines and clean up costs may be assessed to the property.

 Typical complaints include:

  • poor building maintenance - peeling paint, broken windows,
  • tall grass, garbage/recycling not being picked up because not in containers or no stickers
  • lack of address number on structure
  • junk cars
  • ice/snow on sidewalks (not shoveled)
  • parking on grass

Nuisance code violations are listed in several different city code sections.

Typically code enforcement action is complaint driven.  Contact Us to make a complaint.