Development Projects in Robbinsdale

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There are currently two proposed apartment development projects in the City of Robbinsdale. One in the later stages of the process. The second has been presented as a concept to the City Council, but no formal application has been received.

Citizens Independent Bank/Lakeland Professional Office Building (West Broadway/Lakeland Avenue)

The first proposal is a proposed 152-unit apartment complex on the large parking area next to the bank and where the Lakeland Professional Office Building currently sits. Citizens Bank would not be impacted and would still have designated parking spots. The proposal calls for market rate apartments with 2-bedroom, 1-bedroom and studio units and plenty of amenities including underground parking, roof top deck, and pet area. The project went before the Planning Commission on October 26th, 2017. The Planning Commission voted to recommend the City Council approval of the project.

Recently, Channel 12 did a story on the proposed Birdtown Flats development to the north of Citizens Independent Bank:

Birdtown Flats Planning Commission Report

Birdtown Flats City Council Report 11-21-17

In response to feedback about the apartment development proposal near the Citizens Independent Bank Building on West Broadway, The Beard Group presented an alternative plan at the November 21st City Council meeting and December 5th Work Session.The revision replaces the parking area and ramp to under ground parking in front of the north part of the building and instead has the entrance to the 1st level of under ground parking entering at the back. The new plan would add approximately 20 units (making it 152 units) some of which would connect be adjacent to West Broadway (rather than set back deeper in the lot.)

The Robbinsdale Economic Development Authority held a special work session to discuss the Tax-Increment Financing request for the site on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 immediately following the regularly scheduled City Council meeting. Currently, the developer is considering using Tax-Increment Financing for the proposal.

Birdtown Flats 12-12


St. Petersburg / American Legion Site (36th and France Avenue)

This proposal is still a concept and is very early in the planning discussion. The concept proposal was introduced to Council at a Special Robbinsdale Economic Development Authority Meeting on Tuesday, October 17th. The St. Petersburg Restaurant and Vodka Bar and the American Legion will still be open for many months. The current concept proposal would include ground level retail space and around 200 market-rate apartment units in between West Broadway and County Road 81 along 36th Avenue. The proposal would also include many amenities such as underground parking, pet friendly areas, and an outdoor pool.

Channel 12 also did a story on the proposed development at the current St. Petersburg/Legion site: 

10-17-17_St. Petersburg Concept

Next step: Inland Development Partners (the developer) is targeting a public hearing on the project in front of the Planning Commission in March or April, 2018. The developer has not submitted formal applications for the project at this point.

36th and France